A Nearly Complete List Of Uses for Dry Ice

We hope to provide an exhaustive source of uses for dry ice. There’s a ton more than this list covers, but we’ll keep adding new ideas to it. We hope you’ll find something fun and useful to do with dry ice.

Dry ice can be dangerous to use if you don’t now what you’re doing. Therefore, always use proper safety habits when storing and handling dry ice.

Preserving Food with Dry Ice

  • Keep food and drinks cold in a cooler
  • Preserve food freshness during shipping
  • Flash-freeze food
  • Make ice cream
  • Carbonate beverages
  • Make root beer

In the Home

  • Removing pressure sensitive adhesives
  • Attract and trap insects like bed bugs and mosquitos
  • Refrigeration during power outages

Dry Ice Experiments

  • Create dry ice rockets (safe practices and supervision required)

Gardening with Dry Ice

  • Allowing dry ice to sublimate near plants for 10-15 minutes can increase their growth rate

Camping, Hunting, and Fishing with Dry Ice

Medical Uses

  • Storage and transportation of temperature-sensitive medical devices, samples, and equipment
  • Removing skin imperfections like moles and warts
  • As an alternative to embalming before a funeral

Scientific Dry Ice Applications

Commercial and Industrial Uses

  • Plumbers use dry ice to create “ice plugs” in pipes which allows repairs without turning off water supplies
  • Loosening car sound deadening material
  • Aiding removing and installing cylinder liners in engines
  • “Blast cleaning”
  • Removing floor tiles
  • Repairing dents in vehicles
  • Pest control (under strictly controlled circumstances)
  • Stabilizing asphalt during transport to and from construction sites
  • Used extensively in welding


Dry Ice Advice