Listed on this page are some common useful items that you may need for your use of dry ice.

EmmChill SF14A Insulated Shipping Cooler

$33.99 $33.99
Great all-around shipping cooler option
Made of polyurethane foam which insulates better than expanded polystyrene (eps) and is bio stable meaning it will NOT contribute to ground or water contamination. Superior insulation, durable, economical, recyclable and manufactured in the U.S.A. Perfect for shipping breast Milk, biotechnology, frozen foods, cheeses and many other perishable items. There are other size boxes available, but this is a nice all-around option.

Cole-Parmer 372020 ThermoSafe 390 Dry Ice Storage Insulated Field Carrier

$443.41 $443.41
For longer-term storage by serious dry icers
Insulated field carrier has efficient, 2-1/4″ thick polyurethane foam insulation core and rugged, double-wall polyethylene construction. Includes carrying handle, hinged lid, and adjustable latches. Inside dimensions are 16-5/8″L x 10-1/4″W x 10-3/4″H. Nsf certified. Handle for easy carrying – 1 cu ft capacity.

MCR N9690 Ninja Ice 15 Gauge Black Nylon with Acrylic Terry Interior HPT Palm and Fingertip Coating Work Gloves – Various Sizes

$9.77 $9.77
Good option for most casual dry ice usage
The Ninja Ice N9690 glove features a 15 gauge black nylon shell with a 7 gauge acrylic terry interior liner. The acrylic terry liner provides warmth and insulation. The HPT coated palm and fingertips remains soft in temperatures as low as -58F and features over the knuckle coating for added protection. It repels liquids while providing a strong wet or dry grip.

BEETRO -292℉/-180℃ or Above Antifreeze Gloves for Dry Ice Handling Liquid Nitrogen Sponge and Cotton Inner

$19.99 $19.99
Great option for frequent and heavy use with dry ice
COLDPROOF: It can withstand low temperature of -292℉ (-180 degree Celsius)or above. 3 LAYERS to prevent frostbite-Cow leather; imported cold-proof sponge interlayer; Canberra lining. In the low-temperature storage tank of about 0.1Mpa, the gloves can effectively protect your hands.
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